The Trouble With Infighting

Last night I saw a report by Andrea Mitchell of NBC News focusing on the fight between Bush and Conservatives over his nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. What bugged me about it was Mitchell’s sing-songy delivery. There was a certain amount of joy in her voice. It got me thinking about the temperature of the debate, and how important it is that Conservative Bloggers remain composed while they communicate their position on the matter. The distilling of opinion is great, and necessary, but if things get out of hand (as they often do), and the conversation becomes mean spirited, the MSM and the Left will eat it up. The focus will shift from the real issue over Miers to a story about GOP disunity. That’s something we don’t need one year out from mid-term elections.

The Democrats belong to the divided party. Republicans should be careful that we don’t inadvertently wrestle that characteristic away from them.

If you need to be brought up to speed on all sides of the debate over Miers, there are two good sources that I’ve found. One is Joe Gandelman at the Moderate Voice, and the other is Michelle Malkin, who’s been covering the twists and turns for a few days now.

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