The Tip

I, like other bloggers, have a tip jar. Problem with mine is it doesn’t ring. It never gets hit, so it stays empty, unlike others. I don’t go begging for money though since this blogging thing is really a hobby, and I don’t know of many people who expect to be paid for doing something they volunteer to do.

Apparently, readers of other blogs have strong opinions on the whole ‘hitting the tip jar’ request.

A commenter over at Althouse says:

I hate tip jars. Real ones and virtual ones.

I think service providers should charge what they expect to earn, and service workers should be paid what they are worth.

I realize that some workers depend on tips, but it seems archaic.

Perhaps it’s not correct to refer to a virtual tip jar as a tip jar. It’s a tin cup.

Bloggers with few readers are happy just to have readers. Bloggers with lots of readers ought to be happy with that. It’s not like they have to pay for postage stamps and fold newsletters and all that. Through advertising, they can now capitalize on their readership. Sounds like the market works.

I agree.

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