"THE" Story

If you’ve been following the conservative blogosphere for the past couple of days, you know about the supposed BIG story that is going to be published tomorrow in the Washington Times. There’s much speculation as to what it’s all about, and a few bloggers were tipped off early as to the contents of the story. From what I can tell so far, the story isn’t an “October Surprise” caliber piece. King Moonbat has some early info (and as usual, he’s already debunked it), so if you’re curious, read away. We’ll have to wait the week out to see if there really any BANG in this one.

UPDATE: REDSTATE.ORG will have the author of the Washington Times piece on-board as a guest blogger all week.

MORE: Wizbang gets in on the scoop…with further detail.

NOW: The official story is on the web.

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