The Reckless Berger

Obviously, one of the Capos messed up and didn’t bury the police report in time.

Two days after he was placed on probation last month for taking classified documents, former national security adviser Sandy Berger was accused of reckless driving in Virginia by police who said he was traveling 88 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone.

On Wednesday, Berger appeared before the same federal magistrate who had sentenced him on Sept. 8 in the documents case. Deborah Robinson admonished Berger, and she will decide eventually whether to punish him further.

She’ll decide eventually whether to punish him further? What kind of decision is that?

He was stopped on Sept. 10, and two days later he informed the probation office of the U.S. District Court that he had been speeding because he was late to a meeting and was unaware of how fast he was traveling.

The probation office “reiterated to Mr. Berger” that all violations of the law and probation are taken seriously, the office said in a two-page report to the federal magistrate dated Sept. 28.

Yeah, taken seriously, just like the court took seriously the act of stealing classified documents, destroying said documents, and then lying about stealing and destroying said documents.

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