The Real Joe Wilson

While the Left rushes to judgement in the Valerie Plame matter revolving around Vice President Dick Cheney, his chief of staff Scooter Libbey, and Karl Rove, the credibility of Joe Wilson, Valerie’s husband and the so called case ‘whistle blower’, has come under question. The WaPo has a great article highlighting the ‘spotlight addicted’ Wilson, and how his thirst for fame might end up throwing a wrench in the prosecutors plans.

Joe and Valerie Wilson

Meanwhile, Drudge has this tidbit.

Tue Oct 25 2005 19:08:02 ET

“We have double sourced that the vice president’s chief of staff has been indicted,” a reporter for ABCNEWS claimed to a White House press spokesman this afternoon.

The White House refused to comment on the claim. The network said they didn’t need comment, they were preparing to run with the development on this evening’s network news broadcast, sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

ABCNEWS claimed to the White House that it had double sourced how an indictment against vice presidential chief of staff I. Lewis Libby was set.

A senior White House source quickly determined ABC was bluffing; the report did not run on the East coast feed of the program.



MORE: A wrap up of the whodunnit and whodintdoit and whostalkingaboutit over at Ace’s place.

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