The Price of Short-Term Fame


Cindy Sheehan is distracted. She’s been on the cover of weekly magazines. She’s been interviewed all over cable news outlets. She’s made a TV commercial. Like E.F. Hutton, she has thousands of ‘supporters’ who await with bated breath her every utterance. In a variety of ways, you could say she’s winning. Day by day the pulpit from which she speaks grows higher and larger. Hour by hour she gains more notoriety.

Fame is fleeting.

As she continues her protest spectacle outside President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, Cindy Sheehan is losing. In fact, she’s playing a game she can’t win. In a little while, ‘All Cindy All The Time’ will be over. She’ll have to leave Crawford and go back to her life.

What kind of life is it?

She’s lost her son Casey. While most mothers would want to honor the life of a son who served his country, Cindy Sheehan has politicized his death. And where is Casey now? Just yesterday, during one of her (what seems like hourly) press statements, she called for the withdrawal of Israel from Palestine and vowed not to pay her taxes. What’s next, a rally for the Spotted Owl?

She’s lost a lot more. Cindy lost the support of her family. They think she’s gone over the edge.

And now she’s lost her husband, whose divorce petition cites “irreconcilable differences” for the demise of the couple’s 28-year marriage (the Sheehans have been separated since June 1). Irreconcilable indeed.

Is Cindy’s protest still just about her son? No, it’s not. She’s being blinded by the lights of celebrity and being led by a group of radical leftist. Oh, she’ll lose them too, just as soon as the TV lights go off.

Cindy Sheehan is no winner, she’s a three time loser. While she could not prevent the loss of her son, she could have prevented the loss of her family and marriage. She chose not to. The memory of Casey Sheehan has been fouled by the actions of a mother caught between real life and a short-term celebrity fantasy world.

Tragedy breeds tragedy.

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