The Party of Tolerance?

Have you read any of the comments from the Left regarding Pat Robertson and the “Ice Chavez” statement he made recently?

Talk about pile on. Jeez.

And I just knew it would be a matter of moments before I read something like this. “Hunter” over at Daily Kos lumps Robertson with Jerry Falwell and James Dobson to make this comparison:

“These figures do indeed represent a striking parallel to the religious extremist movements that pose such significant threats in the Middle East.”

Wow, that’s helpful man, and frankly, so typical of the anti-Christian Left. And before you accuse me of defending Pat, read this.

I don’t think what he did was right, and he’s in a worse position today by denying the whole thing. But if you want to punish Mr. Robertson, stop watching his show, stop watching shows on his TV network, stop buying his books and stop donating to his ministry. Teach your kids by telling them what Pat said was wrong. Don’t make matters worse by making comparisons to religious extremist movements or anything else that wreaks of intolerance. Democrats don’t come out winners, and your credibility will be called into question the next time you try to accuse Republicans of being intolerant.

Hunter, don’t be like Pat.

When the self righteous harbor hate for a religion and they let that hate seep out into their public discourse, they end up looking and sounding no better than the very people they accuse.

Shun Pat Robertson if you need to, but let’s leave it there.