The Party of "No"

The Republican National Committee released a great video yesterday called the “Party of No”. The video is set to the song “Nobody But Me” by Human Beinz (written by three of the Isley Brothers). Any reasonable person who watches this video will come away with the correct analysis that the Democrats have no plan, other than to obstruct anything and everything that has to do with conservatism, the Republicans, and our president. Do whatever you can to promote the truth in this video.


  1. Ed McCarthy says:

    I am a member of the Human Beinz that is mentioned in your May 2005 article. It was just recently brought to my attention. We are the group that does the song “Nobody But Me” that you refer to. We did not give any permission to have our band name connected to any Conservative Republican cause. In fact all the members are Democrats.

  2. ED McCarthy says:

    I see that even aftera few months you still have not responded to my messege. the Group The Human Beinz is not aligned with Republican causes. we are a musical group who performs concerts. we are not a political messege spreading machine. The Song Nobody But me is a positive messege and fun dance song. It is not for you to use to raise funds and further your agenda

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