The Obligatory PA Primary Post

Hillary wins (yawn).

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton scored a decisive victory over Senator Barack Obama on Tuesday in the Pennsylvania primary, giving her candidacy a critical boost as she struggles to raise money and persuade party leaders to let the Democratic nominating fight go on.

Watching some of the TV pundits tonight, the general reaction was to exalt yet another Clinton comeback. But wasn’t Hillary always suppose to win Pennsylvania? Wasn’t this suppose to be the place where she could easily take Obama? Yes, but oh how easily the MSM forgets that. No, tonight was all about how Hillary won so solidly that she just might win the nomination. Ppptttthhhh.

What we know tonight is what we’ve always known. Hillary won like she was suppose to win. Hillary’s doing what she vowed to do: keep going on to Indiana, North Carolina and all the rest of the primaries. Nothing has changed. Operation Chaos continues.

Move along people…nothing to see here.

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