The Left's Latest Tactic

Brace yourself.

The Left is accusing President Bush of sexually harassing German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Moonbats far and wide are trying to make hay out of an innocent, light hearted show of friendship.

.. Entering the meeting room, as relayed by a Russian television camera, Bush headed directly behind the chancellor, reached out and, placing both hands on the collar of her gold jacket, gave her a short massage just below the neck.

She smiled. …

Yes, there are grainy pictures of the accused caught in the act of committing the alleged crime.

Yes, there is video.

And there’s this expert analysis from Taylor Marsh:

This is why Iraq and the Middle East are in flames, and we have no credibility around the world. We have a prepubescent president in charge. It is an outrage.

Excuse me for a moment.


Heh heh.

Heh heh heh.


Of course, the whole thing is utterly absurd, given that the Left’s patron saint Bill Clinton raped at least 2 women, exposed himself to another, and used a White House intern for sex.

Puhleeze. What will these crazy kidz think up next?

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