The Fix is In

Election fraud underway.

When two tabulations of the governor’s race showed that Republican Dino Rossi had won, he said Democrat Christine Gregoire should do what’s best for the state and concede. This week, with the very real possibility that the nearly completed hand recount could undo Rossi’s victory, Gregoire wants Rossi’s pledge to accept the upcoming results as final — and concede if he loses. She’s pledged to concede if Rossi prevails. (via the Seattle PI)

So, if Gregoire loses three times, she’ll accept defeat, but if Rossi loses 1 (while winning 2), he’s supposed to graciously bow out? It’s obvious that she knows that the recount in King County will give her additional votes.

Utterly disgusting.


  1. MrFurry says:

    Of course. King County has ‘found’ new votes every recount (King County is Gregoire’s bastion in WA State). They just kept ‘finding’ new votes they had missed until their candidate won. It’s the most egregious example of election fraud I have ever been present for. It’s also the only time I’ve ever seen anyone go 2-1 on a series and lose the series. I bet King County voters wouldn’t see it the same way if the same thing happened to the Mariners.

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