The End of Fred?

If McCain and Huckabee are neck and neck in South Carolina, that must mean that Fred Thompson won’t win. And what if?

“Fred Thompson made it clear at a midday campaign stop that he won’t continue in the race without a strong showing out of South Carolina tonight. ‘We’ll see how we have to do, we’ll see what the results are,’ Thompson said, when questioned at a small press availability if he needed to win to go forward. ‘I’ve always said I have to do very well here; there’s no question about that. I stand by that. … We won’t have too much longer to wait.'”

Given what looks like a loss in South Carolina, when will Fred pull out? Tonight? Sunday? And who will he endorse? Romney? McCain? If he gets behind McCain, look for a whole lotta conservative backlash. My guess is he’ll wait out an endorsement until the nomination comes into focus a bit more.

Update: McCain wins South Carolina.

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