The Duke Rape Case: What a Mess

In what looks increasingly like a play for short-term political gain, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong has pushed this case in the media with little credible evidence. In fact, most of what has gone on in this case since March 14th has been a complete joke.

This great article in Newsweek brings us up to date.

Meanwhile, Nifong’s days are numbered, according to the Durham Republican Party.


  1. Betty Friedan says:

    This whole false rape claim thing is exhausting. I’m taking a break until morning, so until then…

    Funny story

    I was discussing the Duke Rape claim on this feminist blog site, and this woman was claiming it’s all about women enduring the pains of oppression like she having to shave her pubes before putting on her bikini to ride her bike at the beach, the resulting stubble irritates her skin which is all a part of being forced to live in a patriarchal society of rape and female oppression.

    I told “Ms Kate” if you don’t want to shave your thick pubes, then don’t! It’s as simple as that! Just comb a part in it to not confuse any birds trying to fly in! Sheesh! You claiming an oppressive patriarchal society is forcing you to shave your pubes? You’re oppressing yourself!

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