The Drug is Right

Like millions of other Americans, I’ve got the day off today. I was surfing the TV channels this morning and I stopped on a show I haven’t watched in years. OK, decades. The Price is Right. Let me say, Bob Barker is OLD. Hey, he was old 20 years ago, but now, WOW. Yeah, he can still do the job, but barely. You could really tell that he had trouble hearing the bids, getting names right, etc. Yet, it’s not like they can just get rid of him. Bob Barker IS the show. When he goes, the show will too.

The game is essentially the same today as it was when it first started. But there was one thing that I noticed. Throughout the hour long broadcast, each commercial break contained at least two ads for pharmaceuticals. Drugs for your spine. Drugs for irregularity. Drugs for your asthma. Drugs drugs drugs. During one break, there were three drug spots back to back.

You think the folks at CBS know their demographic?

Oh, and one more thing. Barker’s Beauties look like they average 18 years of age. In my opinion, they’re not nearly as good as Janice Pennington was.

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