The Cosmetics

See anything different?

Maybe it’s a mid-Blog crisis, but for some reason I felt like I needed to change the design of PunditGuy. I guess it’s kind of like standing in front of the mirror and parting your hair on the other side just to see what you look like. Sometimes it works well enough that you actually go out of the house and face the public that way.  I suppose a blog redesign is no different.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on here.


  1. Very Nice, PunditGuy. I’ll miss the podium, which was classy and understated. But this is nice too. Just don’t change your perspective. Start leaning left and I’ll be forced to excommunicate you from my RSS feed. Wouldn’t want that as I read every blog. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the compliment Michael, and RSS excommunication is a fate worse than death. I’ll try to avoid it at all costs.

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