The Clinton Apology Tour Rides Again

According to Blacks in South Central L.A., the former president needs to ‘splain himself.

The Clinton camp asked Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.) to clarify remarks she made in an interview with The Sleuth on Friday evening in which she said Clinton needed to “renew his relationship with the South Central community” after turning off voters in her district with his racially tinged comments during the South Carolina primary campaign.

To achieve that, Watson said she had asked the former president to write a letter “explaining his commitment to civil rights and equal rights.”

“He knows what needs to be in it: He needs to renew his relationship with the South Central community,” Watson said Friday evening.

But on Saturday, things changed after the Clinton campaign called Watson who then told The Sleuth there will be no letter after all. She had mistakenly thought, she said, that Clinton would not be able to speak inside the churches on Sunday and, therefore, had asked him to put his thoughts in writing.

“I just learned he will be able to speak,” Watson said. “So there will be no need for any kind of letter.”

But what about mending fences with voters who felt Clinton had unfairly injected race into the campaign? “He can do that now in person in true Bill Clinton fashion — personally and verbally,” Watson said.

This is just what the country needs, days before Super Tuesday. Now, on Monday, we’ll hear story after story about how Bill Clinton “renewed his ties” to the African American community by an act of contrition only he can pull off. He’ll be crowned the first black president again, and Hillary will talk about how she and Bill are the real uniters-in-chief.

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

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