The Bombing of the Colbert

Comedy is best left to those who can deliver. The best Steve Colbert got last night was a polite “golf clap”. Captain Ed wraps up the goings on at the White House Correspondents Dinner, where George W. Bush was the hit of the night.


Video here.


  1. The people in the room were not laughing, because Colbert was twisting the knife in their cowardice, incompetence, lies, and corruption.

    Everyone who watched it on TV though, was rolling on the floor laughing at their discomfort, because Colbert was not doing it for them, he was doing it for US. It was the best thing I have seen on C-SPAN since Al Franken ate Bill O’Reilly ALIVE at the book conference., and sealed the deal on a lifetime of insanity for B.O.

    George W. Bush is well protected from dissent and reality, and he got a double load right between the eyes from a guy who has solid brass balls the size of Manhattan. Colbert made Bush his biotch with a capital BIO! Bush now understands what it means to be pwn3d.

    Colbert is awesome! He is the new Will Rogers, delivering truth to power and doing it face to face.

    The blogosphere is running 999-1 in favor of Colbert. You have to look pretty hard to find anyone who doesn’t think it was the best political theater ever performed, so I guess you’re just about it. How does it feel to be part of the smallest minority possible?

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