The Bill Clinton Shuck and Jive

Now that his Obama “Fairy tale” comment is coming back to haunt his wife’s campaign, Bill Clinton is doing the ol’ shuck and jive himself.

Amid accusations of racial insensitivity, Bill Clinton called into the Rev. Al Sharpton’s radio show on Friday to discuss recent comments he made about Barack Obama.

“It’s not a fairy tale; he might win,” said Clinton. “I think he’s a very impressive man, and he’s run a great campaign.”

Backpedal, Backpedal, Backpedal.

He goes on:

“We went through 15 debates,” Clinton told Sharpton, “and the Obama campaign made the argument that his relative lack of service in the Senate was not relevant because he has better judgment than all the Democrats because he’d always been against the Iraq war in every year.”

“I pointed out,” Clinton continued, “that he had never been asked about his statements in 2004 that he didn’t know how he would have voted on the war resolution, and there was, at that time, no difference between his position and President Bush’s.”

“Look,” Clinton continued, “there could be a perfectly good explanation for it. Maybe, he just meant, that once it was done, everybody wanted it to work, including the UN. But the point is, it disproves the arguments that he was always against it, and everybody else was wrong and he was right. So I said, ‘that’s what those debates were for, and how many of you knew those two facts, in the audience?’ And I said, ‘So that story is a fairy tale.’ Now that doesn’t have anything to do with my respect for him as a candidate or as a political figure in this campaign. He has put together a great campaign. It’s clearly not a fairy tale; it’s real. And I have gone out of my way not express any personal disrespect for him or his campaign, even when they’ve been fairly critical of me and Hillary.”

That’s Bill Clinton – always playing the victim. Never taking the heat, but always ready to point his finger at someone else. His “I may be bad but you’re worse” excuse is chronic. And it’s old. And it reminds everyone of what’s wrong with Bill & Hillary. If she wants to be president, she needs to pull Bill off the stump as soon as possible. Of course, my own preference would be that she gives him more of the spotlight. His gaffe o’ the week could give this blog plenty of material to work with.

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