The "BIG" Story – Reaction

I’ve read the so called “Big” story surrounding the meeting Kerry said he had but never had with the U.N. Security Council before the vote in 2002 to authorize the use of force in Iraq.

My early reaction? Zzzzzzzzzz. Not a stake in the heart.

The public is jaded. Most already believe that John Kerry exaggerates. They know he flip flops. They know he’s twisted the truth to whatever is most politically expedient for John Kerry. They know he’s “for” this and “against” the same thing. Saying he met with someone he really didn’t meet with is not a huge revelation. This is Cambodia part 2. It’s at best is a “he said” and “he said” story that doesn’t have the bite that can change an election that is 8 days away.

Many have made a point that this story is breaking in the Washington Times and for that reason, it may be ignored by many in the Main Stream Media. I agree with this. I’m afraid (and disappointed) that this may already be dead in the water. Drudge didn’t give this the “police light”, screaming headline designation, and for good reason. It’s an interesting story, but not enough to derail a campaign.

The early hype was more fun than the end result.

Go back to your lives citizens.

UPDATE: I love moving pictures. IF the press were to pick up on this video, and play it in conjunction with the news of the story, I think it could gain further traction and have a negative effect on Kerry in the remaining days of the campaign.

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