Today was supposed to be the day a major terrorist attack was to be executed against the United States and the United Kingdom. Up to 10 airplanes were to be exploded in mid-air over the Atlantic Ocean. But for the grace of God, the plan was up-ended by British intelligence with the help of the U.S. Still, it isn’t clear that all the terrorists were caught last week, so it’s no wonder that people are a little edgy today as they travel to and fro by air.

A couple of incidents have already popped up. A flight from London bound for Washington D.C. was diverted to Boston on a report of an unruly passenger. As of now, it doesn’t appear to be terrorism.


A woman panicking from claustrophobia forced a Washington-bound flight from London to make an emergency landing in Boston on Thursday, sparking a major security alert.

United Airlines flight 923, carrying 182 passengers and 12 crew, was escorted by fighter jets to Boston after crew members confronted a 59-year-old U.S. woman who became unruly due to an apparent panic attack, officials said.

Police and other officials said there was no apparent terrorist threat, but the incident set off a major security response a week after British authorities said they had foiled a plot to blow up planes from London to the United States.

The woman was carrying hand cream and matches but was not a terrorist threat, said Christopher White, a Transportation Security Administration spokesman. Those items are not banned on commercial flights, he said.

“There are no known links to terrorism regarding this event at this time,” said White.

Meanwhile, at Charlotte International Airport, authorities arrested a drunken man early yesterday after he was found on the tarmac.

Given the heightened security alert status, it’s unlikely that any act of terrorism will arise today, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t nervous. It’s too bad our vigilance isn’t always this strong, for it’s just a matter of time before security levels are lowered and we all just get back to doing what we do day in and day out.

Yet, we should never forget what happened when we didn’t believe terrorism could hit America. NYC officials released a vivid reminder today, in the form of over 1600 taped calls to 911. The calls recount the heroism of that day, September 11, 2001.

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