Temper? What Temper?

The headlines are saying McCain flashed his temper. Hardly. It’s more like run-of-the-mill frustration with stupid questions from reporters at the New York Times.

Senator John McCain grew agitated Friday with a New York Times reporter who asked about his 2004 conversation with then-Democratic nominee John Kerry about McCain possibly running as Kerry’s vice presidential nominee.

See what I mean? That’s hardly a temper tantrum. Much ado about nothing. Move along citizens.

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  1. Agreed, but I expect temperament to be the story the media goes after, since they see his “short fuse” as Mr. McCain’s Achilles heel. A reporter in South Carolina tried to do the same thing with Mitt Romney. They can make a non-story a big deal. Thankfully, this election cycle so many people are now balancing what newspapers and TV offer with other sources like c-span, blogs and and raw video without the spin. It’s a bit harder for nonsense to get traction, don’t you think?

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