Tax Increase? What Tax Increase?

Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire delivered her state of the state address this week and bragged about how she and the Demcratic legislature solved the state’s budget problems “without a general tax increase.” Oh, well there was just that little $400 MILLION dollar general fund tax increase, but who’s counting right?

In a striking disregard for fact, Gregoire claimed on Tuesday (1/10) in her state of the state address that she and the Democratic legislature solved the state’s budget problems “without a general tax increase.”  Apparently Gregoire failed to remember that during the 2005 session she and other Olympia Democrats pushed through nearly $400 million in general fund taxes, and increased state spending by 12.4%.  Since then, Gregoire has proposed another $200 million in new spending, which would push the overall percentage to 16.3.

“The governor’s assertion that she did not raise taxes last session shows a lack of full disclosure with the citizens of Washington,” said House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis. “We don’t know which governor we heard on Tuesday night – the one who said a year ago she wouldn’t raise taxes or the one in March who signed into law one of the biggest tax increases in our state’s history.  Republicans in the Legislature are going to continue to fight for greater truth in governing so that citizens can trust that what leaders say is consistent with what they do.”

Here’s some advice from one who lives in this blue state that’s ruled by those who come out of a single (royal) blue county called appropriate enough, “King” – don’t move here, unless of course, you enjoy being taxed to death.

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