Taking Care of the Grandparents

Tipped by a friend who found this over at Marginal Revolution – When it comes to looking after their elderly population, Danish nursing homes have concluded that weekly BINGO games, shuffleboard, and sponge baths just don’t cut it anymore.

Caregivers in Copenhagen have found that pornography and prostitutes have a greater calming effect on their elderly patients than traditional medical treatment such as drug therapy.

Staff at the Thorupgaarden nursing home in the Danish capital have been broadcasting pornography on the building’s internal videochannel every Saturday night for several years. And if videos and dirty magazines don’t relieve the tension, residents can ask the staff to order a prostitute for them.

The caregivers have told Danish media that pornography is healthier, cheaper and easier to use than medicine, Lars Elmsted Petersen, a spokesman for the Danish seniors’ lobby group Aeldresagen, said.

Earlier this year, the Danish government released a report stating that sexuality is an integral part of life for the elderly and the disabled. It recommended that caregivers help elderly residents satisfy their sexual needs.

I’ve got a multitude of crass comments running through my head, but I…can’t…do it.

Must. Resist. Urge.


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