Flight MH370; Intentionally Ditched Into Sea?

Months after the unsolved crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, speculation as to the cause of the disaster continues. The latest comes from a a veteran air accident investigator who suggests all 239 people were deprived of oxygen and lost consciousness up to four hours before the plane plunged into the sea.

The most likely scenario is that pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah deliberately depressurised the cabin, thereby depriving those on board of air, the research concludes.

Although oxygen masks would have dropped down automatically from above the seats, their supply was limited to just 20 minutes.

Those unable to grab a mask, including sleeping passengers, would have passed out within the space of a few minutes.

The theory is the result of the first independent study into March’s disaster by the New Zealand-based air accident investigator, Ewan Wilson.

Wilson, the founder of Kiwi Airlines and a commercial pilot himself, has proposed the theory conclusion to investigators after considering “every conceivable alternative scenario”.

It should be noted that Wilson is attempting to sell a book. The propagation of this theory is obviously timed to sell as many copies as possible. There’s something unseemly about that.

We will probably never know the exact cause of the crash.