Gasping for Breath

Clearly, that’s what the Clinton campaign is doing by pushing this non-story today.


Mark Penn, Genius

Yes, he really did say this…

“Could we possibly have a nominee who hasn’t won any of the significant states — outside of Illinois? That raises some serious questions about Sen. Obama.”

That’ll win the hearts and minds of voters who live in any of the 21 non-Illinois states won by Obama. Way to go, Mark.

Dick "Emily Latella" Morris

Didn’t he say that Hillary would win the nomination by losing South Carolina?


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"Must Win Ohio and Texas, or She's Out"

That’s the reality of Hillary’s world today.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and her advisers increasingly believe that, after a series of losses, she has been boxed into a must-win position in the Ohio and Texas primaries on March 4, and she has begun reassuring anxious donors and superdelegates that the nomination is not slipping away from her, aides said on Monday.

Mrs. Clinton held a buck-up-the-troops conference call on Monday with donors, superdelegates and other supporters; several said afterward that she had sounded tired and a little down, but determined about Ohio and Texas.

They also said that they had not been especially soothed, and that they believed she might be on a losing streak that could jeopardize her competitiveness in those states.

And then there’s the money quote…

“She has to win both Ohio and Texas comfortably, or she’s out,” said one superdelegate who has endorsed Mrs. Clinton, and who spoke on condition of anonymity to share a candid assessment. “The campaign is starting to come to terms with that.” Campaign advisers, also speaking privately in order to speak plainly, confirmed this view.

Several Clinton superdelegates, whose votes could help decide the nomination, said Monday that they were wavering in the face of Mr. Obama’s momentum after victories in Washington State, Nebraska, Louisiana and Maine last weekend.

One has to believe this is not what Hillary anticipated. Remember, the grand master plan was to front load the primary season to insure a quick win for the Queen. They completely underestimated Barack Obama. When will the main stream media report that story?

After Hillary loses Ohio and Texas.

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