Obama’s “Awful Legacy” As Told By…Bill Clinton

Have you watched Bill Clinton lately? There is something seriously wrong with the man. He really looks like he has Parkinson’s Disease. I’ll make a prediction – if Hilary doesn’t make it to the White House, news will come out about his health troubles. He’s clearly not well.

While the Clinton campaign attempt to stay on message, Bill must’ve missed a meds dose today. During a campaign stop in Spokane, Washington today, he started riffing (as he often does) on how awful the past 8 years have been.

Earth to Bill. Earth to Bill. Hillary is campaigning on various themes, one of which is continuing as Obama’s 3rd term. Of course, this is easy stuff for Bill to fall back on. Both he and Hillary played the race card during the 2008 Primary in South Carolina. Here’s a trip down memory lane.

Don’t be fooled. There’s no love between the Obama’s and the Clinton’s. The relationship is purely political. I won’t be surprised to see a response from someone in the Obama campaign; some little snide remark, or comment that put’s Hillary back in her place.

If You Vote for Donald Trump, Your Vote Doesn’t Matter

Does the GOP really think they can tell hundreds of thousands of people that their primary vote is a waste of time? In an era where a huge population of the country believes that Washington DC has gone beyond the point of no return, our Grand Old Party decides that it’s best to play to the script, and reinforce the notion that the elites in the party are going to decide just what kind of candidate we want.

The party establishment continues to look the other way from the revolution occurring before our very eyes.

I’m Back

I can’t help it.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve blogged here, and I put up a generic page indicating that I was closing the PunditGuy blog permanently.

But I can’t help it.

Donald Trump is the likely Republican Party nominee for the President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton will be the nominee for the Democrats.

How can I keep from blogging all of the twists and turns, drama, violence, chaos, lies, backroom deals, shenanigans, smoked filled rooms, and contested conventions?

It’s not possible for me to sit silent through what is likely to be an election cycle this country hasn’t seen in a hundred years. Two hundred years!

So, yeah, I’m back in the saddle, and I can’t wait to witness history!

About that Poll from Quinnipiac/CBS

It really is BS. At least as far as the sampling goes, and isn’t that what makes a poll stand or fall? Folks are getting panicky, so be prepared to see more suspect polls as the weeks roll by.

The only poll that matters, by the way, is the one taken on November 6, 2012.

Journalistic Laziness

This is what political journalism looks like in 2012. When you can’t come up with a compelling reason to re-elect a failed president, you recycle a story about a candidate from 1987.



Newsweek in 2012 — shoddy, soulless, and probably out of business (soon).

Dan Rather, The Forgeries and the Tarnish on the Tiffany Network

8 years ago, the internet erupted with news that CBS, and specifically Dan Rather, reported a politically timed story aimed at damaging George W. Bush’s reelection. When the dust settled, there were forged documents, firings, and the unceremonious retirement of Mr. Rather.

TexasMonthly recounts the story in all its glory.

Charlie Rangel Will Resign This Week

At least Tunku Varadarajan of The Daily Beast thinks so.

He’s an embarrassment, and a hindrance to his party’s 2010 fortunes.

Rangel is toast.

MORE: Rangel proceeding worries Dems and puzzles ethics experts.

"It's the delegates, period."

The politico outlines three reasons why the Democrats will nominate Barack Obama for president. The question is, why so they wait? They wait because they fear Bill & Hillary Clinton. Wimps.

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