Joan Rivers is Dead

81 years is a long time. Joan died today. There will be an investigation into her death. Either something went very wrong during her outpatient procedure last week, or, her time was up, and the fact that she was in a doctor’s office had nothing to do with it.

We’ll find out in time.


It’s hard to recover from cardiac arrest. Even if your heart stops for a minute or more, your brain isn’t getting oxygen, and that has permanent ramifications. My gut tells me the doctors told Joan’s daughter Melissa that her mom could stay hooked up to machines and “live” as long as they were plugged in, or, they could unplug the machines and see if she keeps going on her own. Melissa knows her mom better than anyone and she knew Joan would hate being a vegetable. She probably unhooked the life support hoping for the best knowing there wasn’t a lot of hope for real recovery.

There will never be another like Joan Rivers.

iCloud Celeb Photo Leak: Absurd Narcissim

This is the world we live in. Ukraine, Syria, Ebola, ISIS, Terrorism, our President without a strategy, and what are we talking about?

Hackers who got into iCloud accounts storing naked pictures of celebrities; naked pictures the celebrities took OF THEMSELVES! 

Stupid. Vacant. Self-serving. Vanity.

When we should be focused on REAL ISSUES that will have a serious impact on our future, our security, and our children, we’re worried about how Jennifer Lawrence is “coping” with this. We’re worried about how Kate Upton will ever recover. 

There are women posting naked pictures of themselves on Twitter and other social media sites, tagging the photo with the hashtag #LeakforJlaw. You know, in support of Jennifer, WHO TOOK PHOTOS OF HERSELF NAKED!

The combined IQ of these people is negative 500. The muffin I ate for breakfast has more intelligence than anyone concerned with this idiotic story.

Shame on us.