Obama summons 2008 voters

You remember the big block of voters who came out of nowhere in 2008 to vote for The One, don’t you? Yeah, those brainless, out of touch with reality, touchy-feely sheep who were hypnotized by the second coming of the pseudo messiah. Those voters.

Well, Obama understands that 2010 will be a blow out for the Dems if he doesn’t "reconnect" with "his" base. So he pulled out the teleprompter, set up his YouTube camera, and went to work.

Gaze into my eyes…

The question is, will it work this time around? Everyone knows voter turn out for congressional elections is notoriously lackluster. The only way Obama can effectively rally the lemmings is if he manipulates a willing media into putting him on TV (in a positive light) nightly from say, late September until the vote in November. Unfortunately for Barry, this time around the media might have to go to Defcon 5 to filter out the discontent of real voters who are intelligent enough to realize what kind of train wreck the Obama presidency has been to date. ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN-MSNBC-PBS will have to manufacture some interesting camera angles to blunt out the thousands of people holding signs like this one.

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Repeal all of Obamacare?

Lest you think the GOP is gearing up for a quick November 2010 election win and an even quicker repeal of Health Care Reform, think again.

In a brief chat with the Huffington Post on Tuesday, National Republican Senatorial Committee chair John Cornyn (R-Tex.) implicitly acknowledged that Republicans are content with allowing some elements of Obama’s reform into law. And they’d generally ignore those elements when taking the fight to their Democrat opponents as November approaches.

Realistically, a full repeal is probably a loser position in November. After all, when asked, most Republicans in congress are quick to note that there are points of agreement with Democrats on certain aspects of Health Care Reform. You know, the whole pre-existing conditions stuff, etc.

I was just wondering how long it would take for someone in the party to speak up and “clarify” the campaign year position on what it means to get rid of Obamacare. For the record, it took just over two hours after the bill got signed. Expect more “clarity” as we get closer to fall.