Sympathy for Saddam

Did you know that Saddam Hussein is a victim of ‘Sectarian Persecution’? His moonbat lawyer, former U.S. attorney general under Lyndon Johnson Ramsey Clark says so, and is calling for the abolition of the tribunal hearing the case.


“The U.S. is using the Iraqi Special Tribunal to vindicate its invasion and validate its occupation,” said Clark. “The trial is clearly the planned continuation of the essentially unilateral war of aggression waged by the Bush administration against Iraq.

“The trial of President Saddam Hussein and other officials of his administration and political party by the Iraq Special Tribunal is a direct threat to international law, the United Nations, universal human rights and world peace,” Clark added.

Clark’s opinion wasn’t changed by his discussions with Saddam. Nope, he’s been an anti-war leftist for a long, long time.

And the man is clearly insane, along with his buddy Saddam. What a perfect match.

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