Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!


Gomer Pyle Mike Huckabee wins Iowa, which basically scares me to death. He’s vanilla pudding (see Stephen Green). I don’t think he’ll have much to work with after New Hampshire, and that scares me even more because it’ll mean we’ll have to hear about how John McCain is the second coming and all. Romney is toast. Which leaves Rudy. Ugh. Wake me when it’s over.

The best moment of the night? Hillary losing and having to resort to giving a speech about how great it is that Democrats won. Heh, too funny. And how about that lineup on the stage behind her? Bubba, looking grayer than normal, biting his lip and all. Gross. His stepford child standing next to him – did she even move during the speech? And then there was Albright – oooh, talk about a nightmare (remember her clinking glasses with Kim Jong Il?), and General Wesley Clark, who had this eerie frozen smile on his face. Yikes, no thanks.

Hillary is far from done though. The Clinton Attack Machine is just getting warmed up. Get ready to be wacked, Obama.

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