Supreme Court To Rule From Vatican City

Judging from the tone of this story by Richard Ostling, you’d think the entire court is on their way to Rome.

Roberts Would Be Fourth Catholic on Court

If John Roberts is confirmed, he will be the fourth Roman Catholic on the Supreme Court, an all-time high that is focusing attention on how faith might influence law on the high court.

From abortion to capital punishment to physician-assisted suicide, the upcoming term offers plenty of issues in which the Catholic church has strong interest.

But history shows a justice’s religion does not provide a roadmap for rulings.

If being Catholic AND a Supreme Court Justice has no effect on court rulings why make an issue out of it? Jeff Greenburg had a story on CNN last night about this too, as if there is some “Catholic Card” to play…puhleeze!

Could it be that the MSM has something against the Catholic Church?

They probably think Bush should have nominated an Islamist.

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