Superdome to Survive?

Contrary to earlier reports, it appears that Superdome officials aren’t quite ready to demolish the 30+ year old structure.

Experts will have to clean and decontaminate the Louisiana Superdome before the stadium’s future can be determined.

Superdome officials took their first look at the Superdome, which was wrecked while housing thousands of people seeking refuge from Hurricane Katrina, on Friday. Those officials said Tuesday that mounds of trash have been removed from the concourses and the interior is still dark, waterlogged and vile smelling.

The roof sustained large gashes during the hurricane and the rubber coating that covered the huge dome was blown off. Water leaked throughout the building, flooding corridors outside the first-floor locker rooms and suites, pouring down elevator shafts and sending water-logged acoustic tiles crashing onto soaked carpets.

Electricity went off during the hurricane and a generator powered only emergency lighting. There was no air conditioning and large areas of the building, including the bathrooms, were completely dark.

“There is substantial damage, but we have to wait to see what its long-term effect on the structure will be,” said Glenn Menard, Superdome manager.

Given what went on in there, why is it so necessary to salvage this place? Is it because the cost of replacement would be too high? What?

Any decision that did not involve restoring the Superdome would be an unpopular one, Menard said.

“Everyone has a Superdome story about being at an event in the building: the Pope’s visit, a concert, a sporting event, even their prom. I’m sure that love of the dome will be part of any decision made about it,” Menard said.

“It’s been a part of the city’s skyline for 30 years. I hope it will remain a part of the skyline.”

The love of the dome huh?

How about this? Let a news organization publish unedited photos of the trash, the piles of human waste, and the dead bodies that were strewn about the Superdome and then we can see who is in favor of buying a corporately sponsored box seat to watch New Orleans Saints Football.

Forget about the fact that the structure is trashed…people suffered and died in there! The dome is a symbol of pain and agony. There’s no love inside anymore. Dressing up the broken parts and slapping on a new coat of paint won’t remove the hellish memories of the nightmare experienced by the refugees who survived for days in the building. More importantly, bringing the structure up to spec won’t honor the victims who died there.

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