I’m trying to cope with two problems right now. One you already know about – my lack of broadband. The other thing is a head cold that invited a nagging cough to the party. Nothing less than smite I’m sure. Life isn’t so grand at the moment. That would explain the lack of blogging over the past couple of days. It’s just been too hard to cope with both ‘things’. But I did manage to crawl around the web a little bit tonight, and here’s what I found.

Rudi Giuliani says he’ll consider a run for the presidency in 2008. That’ll start the saliva running with some folks. Me? It depends on who joins him in the primaries. Rudi is a wee bit liberal for me, so for the moment, I’ll let his bus go by.

What a waste. 21 elderly people died when the tour boat they were on sank after it capsized. Apparently, it happened after another boat went past it too fast. The wake was enough to tip the tour boat over. No one could confirm that any of the passengers were wearing life jackets.

No matter where you go today, it’s likely that someone within 100 feet of you will have a video camera, be it a cell phone or the traditional type. Such was the case when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a restaurant in Bali yesterday. 26 people died. I saw the clip on NBC News, but I have yet to find a direct link on the net. My lack of bandwidth has limited my browsing ability. The video is chilling. People sitting, talking, eating and drinking. Completely unaware of what was about to happen to them. I think that kind of video is the worst kind to watch.

We should hear about the next Supreme Court nominee this week. After all the theatrics that was the John Roberts confirmation, I’m burnt out on the thought of the whole thing starting over again. Talk about deja vu – I’ve read a few statements from Democrats over the past couple of days. The same cast of characters are repeating the same threats of a filibuster. Yawn. Wake me when it’s over.

I still think New Orleans is finished. I’m not fooled one bit by the recent ‘good PR news’ about citizens moving back and businesses reopening. Police Superintendent Compass resigned (in part) because he didn’t want people moving back into the city. He knows what it looks like. It’s a mess. And it’s not safe. One things for sure, you can’t depend on the safety of the drinking water. And guess what you find after you drain water from buildings that have been submerged for weeks? Mold. The dangerous to humans type. It’s no wonder some are never going to return.

No body can fool Army Lt. Gen. Russel ‘Whupass’ Honore. He’s seen a lot during his time in Louisiana, and he knows first hand how hard it’s been for those trying to piece their lives back together.

I’m sure we’ll keep hearing about stories like this for quite awhile. I just hope we learn as much as we can from the experiences of Katrina and Rita to protect ourselves a little more the next time this happens. And it will happen again. 

This is bizarre. Someone who wanted to commit suicide blew themself up outside the stadium at the University of Oklahoma. Most of the suicides I’ve heard about occur in private, and they’re discovered only after a loved one goes looking for them. For whatever reason, this person wanted to make a statement, and national news headlines. They succeeded in doing both.

I know George W. Bush has seen higher poll ratings during his presidency, but for some reason the Left really wants to pile-on now. Why? What does this accomplish? Do they think they can keep this talk alive for the next 12 months with the hope of effecting 2006 races? If so, they better pick another strategy.

I’m going to hit a special milestone this week. Check back on Wednesday.

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