Stop Using Mex as a Weapon

All the action is in New Mexico these days, as a Junior High student created a school lockdown with SWAT teams on nearby roofs by bringing a 30-inch burrito into school.Evidently, someone called police saying they observed a student walk into school with a long object wrapped in a t-shirt.The burrito was an extra-credit assignment to create a new product.

“We had to make up a product and it could have been anything. I made up a restaurant that specialized in oddly large burritos,” Morrissey said.

I can not emphasize this enough, if you ever get to Albuquerque, on business or just running away from your nuptials, you must visit Sadies for the best carne adovada burritos and sopapillas ever.Prologue- a burrito can be legally considered a weapon only after it’s been consumed, the offense typically classified as involuntary nasal slaughter.

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