Stop Breathing

What is this? Global warming hysteria Monday or something? The Washington Post publishes a report suggesting that CO2 emissions must cease to near zero to keep temperatures from rising further.

Using advanced computer models to factor in deep-sea warming and other aspects of the carbon cycle that naturally creates and removes carbon dioxide (CO2), the scientists, from countries including the United States, Canada and Germany, are delivering a simple message: The world must bring carbon emissions down to near zero to keep temperatures from rising further.

“The question is, what if we don’t want the Earth to warm anymore?” asked Carnegie Institution senior scientist Ken Caldeira, co-author of a paper published last week in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. “The answer implies a much more radical change to our energy system than people are thinking about.”

So, all of us who exhale CO2, naturally, are going to have to stop, NOW, if we’re to save the planet 100 years from now.


And then there’s this bit of moonbat gold.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), who is shepherding climate legislation through the Senate as chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, said the new findings “make it clear we must act now to address global warming.”

“It won’t be easy, given the makeup of the Senate, but the science is compelling,” she said. “It is hard for me to see how my colleagues can duck this issue and live with themselves.”

Let me suggest that Boxer and her colleagues lead off by holding their breath for 1 to 2 minute periods 10 to 15 times per day, preferably when the Senate is in session.

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