Still No DNA Link

Via AP: A second round of DNA testing in the Duke University lacrosse rape case came back with the same result as the first – no conclusive match to any member of the team, defense attorneys said Friday.

Anyone wanna place a bet for when charges will be dropped against Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty?


  1. Beth T. says:

    Bill –

    See The Herald Sun [Durham, N.C.], today. Regardless of the fact that there is a positive match to the DNA by a man who is known to the police [why? no clue], and it is NOT the DNA of one of the Duke lacrosse team members, doesn’t mean that the rape didn’t happen. After all, the case was filed by Attorney Nifong based on evidence of a nurse who determined there was “vaginal trauma consistent with her story.”

    Let’s deduce that the scenario must go a little something like this: The woman has very gentle sex with some man who is known to police, based upon the positive DNA match. Then, after having sex with this unknown man, she goes to the Duke Party. A this party, she is “violently” raped and whatever else by three team members – only two of which she can positively identify, the third she is a bit “iffy” on but she knows he had a mustache! [It is a fact that none of the players has or had a mustache.]

    Yeah, the facts just keep getting stronger and stronger in this case. Let’s just skip the trial and save Durham from the time, effort and expense. We know that the Duke lacrosse players are guilty! [That nutcase from the New Black Panther’s told us they were guilty. Remember, he said he had proof?]

    Must be that the alcohol consumption at the party by the lacrosse players wasn’t enough to impair their judgment – they appear to have had plenty of functioning brain cells amongst them to know to destroy any evidence of using condoms in their premeditated efforts to foil DNA testing [failing, however, to eliminate the broken fake fingernail in the same fashion].

    Whatever. Yep, I agree. Case should be dismissed. But, I’m not betting on it.

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