Spring Bunny?

More political correctness gone berserk.

‘Easter’ Bunny Gives Way To ‘Spring’ Bunny – Some Local Malls Go P.C. For Religious Holiday

Customers at local area malls are being taken by surprised to find that the Easter Bunny they’ve come to know and love now has a new name. In fact, some local malls now refer to the Easter icon as the “Spring Bunny.” However, some customers don’t like the new trend.

“It makes me sad, because I think Easter is really important. The message is important,” Plano mother Deidra Klemm said. “And I think it’s wrong to call him the Spring Bunny. Let’s just say what he really is.”

Klemm is not alone. Another unidentified mother said, “The Easter Bunny is the Easter Bunny. There’s no getting around it.”

Some popular malls that have adopted the new trend include The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano and the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. The Easter message is not about a bunny and his alleged ability to hide eggs and leave a basket of candy. The Easter message is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Renaming holidays is not a new thing. Halloween has become “Harvest Celebration”, and Christmas has become “The Holidays”. Easter (at least for now) has remained Easter, even if the majority of people don’t know what the holiday is about.

But, we’re not talking about the meaning of Easter, we’re talking about the name of a character. Just who is offended by the Easter Bunny? What’s the threat? Will less people come to the mall and shop because a guy dressed in a rabbit outfit is standing there posing for pictures with kids? Of course not.

This is yet another example of fear. Some are paralyzed by the thought that they might offend someone by practicing a tradition, or by having a little fun with the kids at the mall.

When will it stop? How will it stop?


  1. Erica Gilbert says:

    That is so stupid. How many ppl even know the meaning of easter? easter means spring equinox(how wver you spell it) and just because us christians celibrate Jesus on this day shouldn’t make a differance i mean we celibrate him every day so then y dont you change the names to every day of the week. People should just leave it alone. Calling easter easter isnt hurting anyone and we have a right to keep a holiday that has been around for years.

  2. Larry Schmidt says:

    I am very much against taking the names of holidays away and replacing them with generic cover terms. It shows disregard for history and language. It is done out of concern for “political correctness” but is actually politically incorrect. The Easter Bunny is being called “Spring Bunny “for the same reason Christmas tree is called “Holiday tree”..But Christmas and Easter, as they are observed in the public arena, are primarily secular holidays ( and remarkably multi- cultural ones at that). Since we don’t all have the same faith, and with the advent of preoccupation with “diversity” and” inclusion”, the question has become : how do we erect symybols of the season in public, or conduct seasonal rituals like Easter egg hunts. After all, some who may have serious intentions to observe a special day other than Easter or Christmas may be sensitive about “the C word” or “the E word”. Isn’t it natural in our melting pot of a country to share in observing some aspect of each other’s cultures and traditions, ones that are different from our own. .It always used to be..For example, I have always enjoyed the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and the Chinese New Year Parade but am neither Chinese nor Irish ( nor am I Christian). Should we change the name of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade to “The Mister Patrick’s Day Parade because some sensitive soul wants to wear green but says he doesn’t want to worship a saint? We could change the name but some Irish would say that part of their history was being taken away from them and they’d be right!. Should we call the Easter Bunny, the Spring Bunny, or the Holiday Bunny or the Country Bunny or Baxter Bunny, just because some one claims to feel blocked or conflicted dyeing eggs since they don’t go to church. (the name “Easter” is actually of pre-Christian origin but was adopted by the church). Valentine’s Day would also have to be changed as it’s name also reflects the Christian “Saint Valentine”. I think too much is lost when names and history are thrown away for the sake of “inclusion”. if we can’t all stand around these icons and symbols of the season ( these tress and bunnies) and know for certain that they have the exact same significance for everyone , if that’s so essential, then maybe we should wipe the slate clean and come up with new seasonal icons that aren’t obvious rip-offs of well known holidays but that have been given generic cover terms (pseudonyms). After all, “Holiday tree” and ” Spring Bunny” imply that non- Christmas and non-Easter celebrants want or need trees or bunnies for their holidays. Do serious Jews or Muslim or Buddhists with decorated evergreens in their homes in december or decorated eggs in baskets really believe they aren’t Christmas trees and Easter baskets? Some Wiccans would say the solution is simple, just go pagan and say “Solstice tree!”. I wonder how we can seriously entertain a notion like this when we are the leaders in the war against the environment. Even if we choose a vegan, car-free lifestyle. we’ve known for centuries that we don’t have to enact certain rituals to make the sun reappear after the shortest day of the year, and we’re all caught up in a modern way of life in countless ways whether we like it or not. So we can’t turn back the clock to pagan times .The vast majority of people love these time honored symbols of the season (the trees and bunnies and jack-o-lanterns) because thay have a perfect psycological fit to their respective times of the year. Besides, no one would be creative enough to re-create it all from scratch. In the flurry of good intentions to include everyone in public observation of symbols or traditions, the plan seems self defeating. In the end, exactly to what is everyone being included? If the names and meanings of holidays are thrown away and we’re left with something as vacuous and anonymous as “Holiday” instead of “Christmas” or as vague as “Spring Bunny” there seems to be no point to it. As a non-religious man who enjoys these conspicuous holidays that express themselves so beautifully and generously in the public arena, I say the solution is simply to accept the fact that some of our favorite holidays have religious names and ties to Christianiity, and have for centuries been muti-facited and gracious enough to invite participation from non-Christians in their secular worlds. To take away names only robs all of us and adds nothing. It’s called “Get over it”. I hope readers willl check out my web site “Christmasrapping.com”.There is a forum for leaving comments.

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