Some Spam is Good

I received this unsolicited email today and actually read it. Not bad…

    I’m trying to get all this political stuff straightened out in my head so I’ll know how to vote come November. Right now, we have one guy saying one thing. Then the other guy says something else. Who to believe? Lemme see if I have got this straight?

    Clinton awards Halliburton no-bid contract in Yugoslavia – Good
    Bush awards Halliburton no-bid contract in Iraq – Bad

    Clinton spends 77 billion on war in Serbia – Good
    Bush spends 87 billion in Iraq – Bad

    Clinton imposes regime change in Serbia – Good
    Bush imposes regime change in Iraq – Bad

    Clinton bombs Christian Serbs on behalf of Muslim Albanian terrorists – Good
    Bush liberates 25 million from a genocidal dictator – Bad

    Clinton bombs Chinese embassy – Good
    Bush bombs terrorist camps – Bad

    Clinton commits felonies while in office – Good
    Bush lands on aircraft carrier in jumpsuit – Bad

    No mass graves found in Serbia – Good
    No WMD found Iraq – Bad

    Stock market crashes in 2000 under Clinton – Good
    Economy on upswing under Bush – Bad

    Clinton refuses to take custody of Bin Laden – Good
    World Trade Centers fall under Bush – Bad

    Clinton says Saddam has nukes – Good
    Bush says Saddam has nukes – Bad

    Clinton calls for regime change in Iraq – Good
    Bush imposes regime change in Iraq – Bad

    Terrorist training in Afghanistan under Clinton – Good
    Bush destroys training camps in Afghanistan – Bad

    Milosevic not yet convicted – Good
    Saddam turned over for trial – Bad

Ahh, it’s so confusing!

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