So Much for the Straight Talk

When confronted on why he opposed Bush’s tax cuts, John McCain said it was because they didn’t come with spending cuts. Umm, okaaaay.

That’s not what he said in 2001, when his reason was because he thought the tax cuts favored the wealthy over the middle class.

And that’s not what he said in 2003, when he reasoned that there should be no cuts until the Iraq war costs were known.

I’ve got news for Mr. Mac. He’s enjoying a little honeymoon of sorts with his media buddies right now, what with the endorsements and a few nice poll numbers. But Johnny’s gonna watch all those smiles turn to rabid foaming clinch teethed growls once the actual campaign starts. All these flip floppin’ politically expedient explanations will come to light, you can be sure, and Captain McQueeg will be caught with his pants down wondering what happened to the love.

2008 Election, John McCain, Straight Talk

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