Snow (Or Lack Thereof)

While the East Coast awaits a snow storm (the real kind), the Pacific Northwest is dealing with something we call snow.


If you look close enough, you can just make out the flakes of white. Under these conditions, conscientious drivers keep their speed down, ever fearful of that killer patch of ice. By now though, most folks have figured out that you can just drive around the single patch and everyone comes out A-OK! Took a few days to figure that out though, and wow, talk about some close calls!

Oh, and our county will actually delay the opening of schools an hour or so after encountering blizzard conditions like those represented above. Can’t be too careful you know!

All kidding aside, being close to the Canadian border, we can get some serious snow storms combined with a wind-chill that rivals our friends out East. The “season” only lasts a couple of days though, then the rain comes back and our tulips start to poke.

Washington State – we rock.

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