Sistine Chapel or Caesar's Palace?

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger from Germany will most likely become the next Pope of the Catholic Church after the Papal Conclave meets this week. “Most likely” meaning online gambling site Popebetting currently has him as the 3-1 favorite (odds subject to change.)The only reason Papa Joe isn’t at 2-1 is his age, 77. Still, George Foreman (speakers on!) won a heavyweight title when he was in the twilight of his career which jumpstarted a lucrative gig as a grilling pitch man. Can you say “Lean Mean Sauerkraut Machine”?The top four candidates with the best odds are all from Europe; Germany, France and that papal powerhouse that is Italy.If I was a betting Uncle, I’d take the 16-1 odds on the southpaw bantamweight from Honduras, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiega. No region in the world is more dedicated to the traditions of the Catholic Church and most resistant to politically correct diversions of doctrine than Central and South America.Atheist or agnostic and still wanting to place a wager? will give you 4-1 odds that Britney Spears will divorce in 2005, 8-1 odds that she’ll name her baby after her mother Lynn, and a longshot payout of 80-1 the baby’s name will be Madonna.How’s that for an ironic iconic full circle? 🙂


  1. I think Papa Joe’s short time in the Hitler Youth isn’t going to “go over” with the new look the Vatican wants to project.

    I consider him OUT OF THE RUNNING.

  2. Pixy Misa says:

    What odds are they giving on Pope Britney?

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