Sharon Haters

When asked for reaction to the news that Ariel Sharon was gravely ill following surgery to correct a major brain hemorage, most of the world’s leaders wish the prime minister a quick recovery and complete return to his office as soon as possible. Then, there were the exceptions.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday that he hoped Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was dead and wished the same for the rest of the Israeli leaders, the ISNA student news agency reported.

“Today you will all have heard, and I hope that this is final, that the criminal of Sabra and Shatila has rejoined his ancestors,” Ahmadinejad said referring to Sharon’s alleged role in the massacre of Palestinians in Beirut refugee camps in 1982. “God willing, the others will join him soon,” he added.

And there was this from Hamas:

“The political map will definitely change with the absence of Sharon,” said a spokesman. “But the absence of such a criminal and a militant will be better for the region.”

And from the ‘man on the street’:

Another man said: “I do not care about Sharon. Sick or not, he is a criminal, a war criminal, who massacred many people.” In Rafah in the Gaza Strip, schoolchildren celebrated by handing out cake to passers-by.

 There’s something you won’t see in the US. At least, not today.


  1. For once i agree with the Islamic Fundamentalists quoted above. Sharon is a Butcher and will burn in hell for what he did to thousands of innocent civilians who were killed in Lebanon in the summer of 1982 because of him. 5 of them were my family members. I HOPE HE SUFFERS LIKE THEY DID BEFORE THEY DIED. I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL


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