Sharon Breathes On His Own, Moves Right Hand

Or so says the press.

Doctors started weaning Prime Minister Ariel Sharon off the sedatives keeping him in a coma Monday, and the stricken leader immediately began breathing on his own and reportedly moved his right hand.

Outside experts said that while independent breathing meant Sharon had better chances for survival, it gave no indication about his other physical or mental capacities in the wake of his massive stroke Wednesday. Doctors induced the coma Thursday to give Sharon’s brain time to heal from the stroke and subsequent surgeries.

Not to be overtly negative or anything, but isn’t this news just the kind of reporting we’d expect after a major world leader is incapacitated? It’s quite ironic if you think about it – the MSM spends every waking moment verbally assassinating political leaders, yet when they become sick, or when their life is at stake, the reporting turns around 180 degrees. Suddenly, the New York Times is the bedside attendant nursing them back to health. Weird.

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