Shape of Things to Come?

Via SFGate:

Raising the gavel with a grin, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter opened his first hearing Thursday by allowing more criticism of the Bush administration than his predecessor and by questioning some of the Patriot Act’s police powers.

With his changes, questions and comments, Specter proclaimed his independence and said he expected the same from Alberto Gonzales, President Bush’s nominee to be attorney general.

Didn’t I say that this guy needs to be watched like a hawk? (Sigh) I guess we reap what we sow.


  1. Marty GIlbert says:

    Came here to see info on tsnami info. not news realesaes on the Hitler youth party. This Country is being sodimised by morlists, for greed and self satifaction. The Republican Party is using religion to devide and concure our Constituion.

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