Seahawk Distress



My Seahawks looked mortal today. The were beaten by the San Diego Chargers 30 to 21. They didn’t perform like the same team. The defense was clearly shocked by the heat (it was 97 degrees) and the ferociousness of the Charger offense. They didn’t let up. It seems like the Seattle offense barely got a chance to play, and I don’t think Marshawn Lynch had a dozen carries. It wasn’t our day.

Worried? Maybe. It’s hard to have two championship seasons back to back. Not many teams are capable of it. Playoffs? For sure. I won’t say today that I expect the Seahawks to be back in the Superbowl this year.

Time to regroup. Next week its Denver, at home in CenturyLink Field. Peyton Manning knows what it’s like to play in the midst of the 12th Man. After today’s performance though, I take nothing for granted anymore.

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