S-L-O-W News Day

How can you tell when there’s not a lot of news worth reporting? Just look at the majority of the headlines on the Drudge Report.

Poll: Americans are Getting Ruder

Melissa Etheridge: I Used Medicinal Marijuana

Meet Five Toes, the Two-Tongue Cat

Confirmed. Blond. James Blond.

Exorcism Course Continues at Vatican

Chinese astronauts change underwear once

Nude Disco Launched in London

‘Ur dumped’; research shows text a popular way of ending romances

So, now I don’t feel that bad about the lack o’ news on this blog today. Besides, I’m really sick and tired of debating Miers, and the non-story about the so called ‘staged’ Bush military teleconference is nothing more than an MSM attempt to fill the lack o’ news void. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

There’s lots of other nonsense being talked about here, but I wouldn’t think of directing anyone to it.

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