Runaway Bride

Wilbanks_1Call me crazy (actually, she looks crazy), but if my fiancee put me through this crap of riding a Greyhound to Albuquerque, I’m getting her help and I’m getting a new girlfriend. Though if she said she only went there for a carne adovada burrito at Sadies, I might cut her some slack.But don’t hate Jennifer Wilbanks just because she had cold feet and briefly lied about being abducted, hate her because she worried all her loved ones and distracted the 24-hour news channels from this story.¬†UPDATE: Meanwhile, the idiot groom still wants to marry her.


  1. The Journal says:

    The bright side…

    The recent story of the Georgia woman who faked her own kidnapping and was found in New Mexico really got me thinking. I was immediately reminded of the line from American Beauty when Lester (Kevin Spacy) finds his wife, Carolyn, and her new lover ca…

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