Riding (or Reading) in Style

Most of the political news I digest comes from the Internet. I get additional information (or, misinformation) from my free subscriptions to Newsweak and Time. When I partake of their wisdom, I usually do so while riding the porcelain bus (aka, the toilet). I’ve often wondered if my mind would be more open to the persuasion of these magazines if only I had a more comfortable "throne" on which to ponder. The one I have is completely typical…much like the one you probably have in your home. Now, I’m a little bigger than most people. I’ve never found the "American Standard" brand to be very comfortable at all. As such, my political reading is often times hindered by its "one-size fits all" design. Well, I think I’ve finally found the solution. Now, if I can come up with an extra $5K, my desire might become a reality. Perhaps I could build my audience to a point where I can collect blogad money and purchase my way to political reading nirvana? Wishful thinking…maybe I should stick to eBay?

One can only dream.

UPDATE: Or, perhaps I’ll just spring $250 on this number.

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