Rewriting History

Cable news television loves to put on the ‘former’ U.S. government official who is now an expert in opposition of the war in Iraq and has just happened to have written a new book exposing the Bush administration as evil incarnate. Chris Matthews had one of these bozo’s on last night.


Michael Scheuer served as chief of the CIA‘s bin Laden unit.  His book is, ‘Imperial Hubris, why the West is losing the war on terror.’



MATTHEWS:  Michael, just to think outside the box, would we be better off with Saddam Hussein still running tyrannically that country of Iraq, right next door to Jordan?  Would Jordan be more secure in that environment?

SCHEUER:  No doubt about it, sir.

MATTHEWS:  No doubt?

SCHEUER:  There‘d be many more dead—many fewer dead Americans, and we would have many more resources available to annihilate al Qaeda, which is what we have to do.  Without a doubt, in the war against al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein was one of our best allies.

MATTHEWS:  How so?

SCHEUER:  He was not going to permit Iraq to become a base, as it is today, for Sunni fundamentalists.

MATTHEWS:  Why did he let them come in for that training, that chemical training, whatever the hell they did up north?

SCHEUER:  They didn‘t control the area, so that was in the no-fly zone.  They were in an area that was in Kurdistan.


This is complete nonsense, yet there is Chris Matthews, acknowledging Scheuer’s twisted notion with a simple “O.K.” He lets outright lies like this flow unfiltered. Yet when a Republican (and not McCain, Chris’ favorite flavor) comes on armed with the truth, he either muffles the discussion with his blasted crosstalk technique or he shuts the conversation down altogether.  

And what about this idea that Saddam Hussein was one of the best allies the U.S. had in the war against al Qaeda? This is leftist propaganda dished up to be adopted and amplified by others who believe that Bush went after the wrong guy. Poor Saddam was after all, a bad guy, but a bad guy who could have been made good with a few simple diplomatic meet-ups and pressure from the United Nations. HEH!

I’m sick and tired of the attempts by the left to rewrite history so they can dress it up in a way that fits their political agenda. 

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