Revving Up The Clinton Attack Machine

Grab your kevlar and watch your back, Barack.

Hillary Clinton was on Friday planning an increased campaign role for her husband and more direct attacks on Barack Obama’s political inexperience as she battled to prevent her rival for the Democratic nomination building up an unstoppable momentum.

Her supporters recognised that she was fighting for survival as she headed into next Tuesday’s crucial New Hampshire primary, which she must now win to stop the Obama bandwagon from building on its striking success in Iowa on Thursday.

She promised to “sharpen the contrast” between herself and Mr Obama, particularly on economic policy where Clinton officials believe Mr Obama’s agenda is “most vague”.

“The stakes couldn’t be any higher,” Mrs Clinton said in an e-mail to supporters. “Events couldn’t be moving any faster. With everything on the line, let’s show them what we’re made of.”

Like shrapnel from a IED, Hillary’s surrogates will flood the airways this weekend with every amount of flak they can drum up in an attempt to wound the Obama campaign ahead of the primary in New Hampshire. While Hillary strives to “warm up” her personality and strengthen her likability percentage, she’ll need to simultaneously plot the coordinates of her attack on Barack. It’s risky warfare, to be sure. Unfortunately for Hillary, it’s much easier for her to be nasty with a stone-cold look and monotonous tone than it is to be convincing with a smile and folksy remark. New Hampshire knows it, and so does most of America. If she can’t pull out a win on January 8, her “inevitability” will be “history”.

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